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GESS-CZ, s.r.o. is the producer of the largest screw pumps and transporters in the Czech Republic and supplies a large range of technological facilities for waste water treatment plants, hydrotreators, pumping plants and other water utilisation units.

The management of the company is fully aware of the basic meaning of quality. This is why the general meeting declared the following quality policy:

We always offer our customers quality, qualified and complete services:

  • Quality – is assured through the management system of quality according to
    CSN EN ISO 9001:2009, with our full adherence to its improvements.
  • Qualification – is assured by highly qualified workers and their professional growth.
  • Complexity – is assured by all necessary basics for dealing with the requirements of customers in compliance with the current knowledge and skills in the given sphere and for realising projects and providing subsequent services.
  • When working on orders, the company endeavours to fulfil all requirements and expectations of customers whilst adhering to the basics of our legislation.
  • We bring innovation, new trends and creativity to the products we develop.
  • We only cooperate with verified and reliable suppliers.
  • We invest in technology and technical sources in order for us to be able to support improvements in processes.

In order for such principles to be adhered to, the company uses the management system ISO 9001 for its employees to continue to improve and fulfil the real requirements of the customer. This is indeed the company’s foremost priority.

This is why each employee of the company has the task of performing quality, qualified and complex work as the customer is always at the core of their actions.

Hranice 16. 3. 2010
Antonín Novosad 
Mgr. Pavel Völkl
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