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Company history

The company was founded in 1991, with a focus on repairing tools and facilities for waste water treatment plants in Czechoslovakia. We were mostly engaged, at the beginning, in performing repairs on the technological facilities of the former companies Ekosigma and Sigma Hranice. This machinery was partially equipped with drives and various parts from Poland, Hungary, East Germany, Austria, the USSR, and Bulgaria etc.
Our company performed repairs of this machinery throughout the whole of Czechoslovakia. The company was seriously involved, for example, in the outset of the following waste water treatment plants: Devinska Nova Ves, Bratislava - Petrzalka, Horovice, Masokombinat Brezhrad, Masokombinat Policka, Mikulov and Frydek-Mistek.
A key moment in the company’s history occurred in 1994 when, thanks to direct privatisation from funds of the national property, we managed to buy the old company of the housing economy in Hranice. This enabled us to increase the amount of employees for performing repair works in the Czech and Slovak Republics.
A further key moment occurred in 1998, when we began to produce screw pumps and screw conveyors and we enlarged the branch of metal works to Division II. We managed to make screw pumps and conveyors on the machines we had at the time, with diameters of up to 900 mm and length of 8 m. This year also saw our scope of production enlarged by the production of gear-cases along with spare parts, tools and machinery for waste water treatment plants and other establishments.

To cope with the demand of extra custom, it became necessary to employ further employees and strengthen the range of machinery for production to produce greater shafts, more complicated components and welding, including their treatment. This is why we bought a turning machine with diameter of up to 2 500 mm and total length of 20 000 mm. 

Under the leadership of Tomáš Novosad the aim in 2010 was to develop and introduce a new product onto the market (namely Archimedes screw turbines) and to create an international business department for the start-up- we managed to achieve success in new markets such as Russia, Latvia, Italy, Poland, Scotland, Hungary and Germany. 

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