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Gearboxes and electric gearboxes type W are spun double stage gearboxes with helical gearings. The gearings are made of structural steel alloy 16CrNi4that is case-hardened and ground. Shafts are supported into antifriction bearings. Boxes are cast of GG20 iron and fitted with screw holes for oil inlet, outlet and check. The holes are situated according to a gearbox real work position. Construction of the gearboxes enables connection of standard IEC electric motor or the gearboxes are fitted with a cylindrical input shaft. The gearboxes can be delivered to a customer with or without electric motor, 1 or 3-phase, brake or in other modification according to the request.



The producer stipulates the right of changes as a result of the technical development and improvement of the product characteristics that simultaneously fulfil in advance technical and safety rules.
Assembly position of the gearboxes

The ouputs of produced gearboxes are 0,12 kW up to 50 kW.

The gearboxes are adapted for application in various industry branches (chemical, engeneering, food, wood, water etc).

We do repairs and revisions of various gearbox kinds.

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