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BSK turbines are low-revolution vertical surface aerators, which are applied to supply air oxygen into water with continuous agitation of the content of a tank.

The turbines are used for activation tanks in biological and industrial sewage water treatment plants. They can also be used for increasing the oxygen content in ponds, mud settling ponds and in fish farms where ice cover protection is necessary for fish breeding in winter together with the oxygen supply into the water.


The aerator consists of an impeller submerged into the aerated water. The impeller is connected either by a driving shaft of a suspension or by an elongated gearbox shaft.

In this way, a sufficient distance between the support and the water level is ensured and a gearbox with an electric motor is easy accessible for maintenance. The support in the triangle shape enables vertical movement via adjustable screw bolts and the impeller immersion change, which allow for oxygen input regulation. The oxygen input can also be changed by the reversing the impeller.


Advantages of the surface aerators:

- High oxygen input 1.8 – 2.6 kg O2 /kWh in standard conditions

- High mixing effect in water tanks

- Low civil expenses for simple tanks

- Adaptability of the equipment for existing structures in case of reconstruction















- The speed values depend on the specific gear used and are subject to change

- * For tank width ratio : water depth >= 4 : 1

- ** Applies to tank width ratio : water depth >= 3.5 : 1

- Oxygen is set for input of energy ranging from 10 to 120 W.m-3




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